Welcome to ANV Steel! A distinguished Greek manufacturer, specialising in the production of pre-painted steel and presenting a captivating array of colours and organic coatings to suit diverse structural applications.

What sets ANV Steel apart is our state-of-the-art production line, recognised as one of the most flexible coil-coating facilities in Europe. Boasting high technical specifications, our line empowers us to push the boundaries of Product Range, Quality, and Short Lead Time. The continuous nature of our coil-coating process, coupled with the line’s adaptability, positions us to fulfil orders of any scale – be it substantial quantities or more specialised requests.

Our pre-painted steel, a high-added-value material, delivers enhanced surface protection, extending durability in various environments through the careful selection of organic coating. Beyond functionality, our focus on aesthetics ensures a superior visual appeal, thanks to the rich palette of colours and textures adorning the final surface.

Conveniently situated on the Patra-Athens-Salonica freeway, our plant is strategically located just 60km from the Piraeus port and 25km from the Chalkis port. This prime positioning transforms us into an ideal hub for competitive transportation, streamlining the logistics of our operations.
In the ever-evolving steel industry, we are committed to maintaining an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, aligning with the growing demands of the European Steel Market.

Organic Coating

Our wide selection of organic coatings gives rise to a variety of pre-painted steel products, catering to a wide spectrum of applications. Whether for prestigious projects with demanding aesthetic and durability requirements or for commercial use in less exposed environments, our offerings cover the entire range, ensuring suitability for every need.

Discover the special types of organic coatings at ANV Steel, offering various compositions, thicknesses, and finishes:

Wood Imitation

To name a few.

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Unlimited Colours

Investing in quality and corrosion resistance does not mean limiting your colour options. We offer an unlimited set of colours, as you may choose from any standard code of the RAL Chart, or simply let us Colour Match your desired sample and reproduce it in a few weeks.

Our products

Excellent Quality

Our commitment to quality is evident in our strict battery of checks that take place during the coil-coating process. Our highly-trained personnel ensure that our products meet European Standards. Daily quality control tests are conducted at our fully-equipped laboratory, as well as at certified European laboratories on a regular basis.

Our products


At ANV Steel, no order is considered too demanding. We accommodate all orders with regards to:

Rare Colours: even the "slow-moving" colours that tie up your working capital.
Special Coating Specifications: Depending on your technical requirements, we will help you choose the right organic coating for your project
Small Quantities: Choose your coating with a minimum of 600 linear metres per colour.

Our products

Fast Delivery

Our warehouse is fully stocked on a variety of coatings and galvanised steel in order to meet your requests as soon as possible. With an average lead time of 1-4 weeks, you are sure to save on warehouse space and storage costs by ordering the exact quantity you need, right when you need it.

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