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ANV STEEL is a Greek company that offers premium quality Pre-painted Steel.

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance

ANV Steel is able to accommodate even your most demanding requests, including steel orders destined for industrial or coastal environments. Our coatings perform brilliantly against corrosion and UV radiation and retain their colour and gloss even in harsh conditions with high levels of salinity and corrosive chemicals.

Browse through our selection of organic coatings and find the one that best suits your next project.

Organic Coatings

Nature Series

An eclectic range of 10 coatings with a unique texture and appearance. Textured Matte, Textured Sparkling and Quartz, in colours we have cherry-picked for you.

Thorough Quality Control

Every steel coil undergoes a series of standardised tests such as those for corrosion resistance, colour and gloss retention and resistance to harsh weather conditions.


Our flexible production line is able to accommodate large as well as small orders, with minimum order of 25 MT and 6 MT per colour.

Unlimited Colours

You may choose any standard colour from the RAL colour chart, or simply let us Colour Match a sample of your desire!

Short Lead Time

Receive your order in a few weeks, thanks to our flexible production line and our vast logistics network.

Organic Coating Types

The various types of coating create corresponding pre-painted steel products, covering the whole range of applications.

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